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UK stocks dive despite stimulus plans

UK stocks dive despite stimulus plans

UK stocks crashed on Wed as major UK & US stimulus plans failed to quell worries about the economic impact of the coronavirus pandemic. The pound hit a 6 month low Vs dollar to trade at $1.1966. This was despite US outlining $1tn package & UK announcing stimulus of £330bn for business loan guarantees which included £20bn of other aid to cover business rates holiday & grants for retailers & pubs.

Unity.Nat 5 months

Let the Banks fail. Don't save them again. The Banking Cartel should no long be gifted handouts

Max Bants
Max Bants 5 months

"Fire continues to burn in spite of efforts to quash it by adding more fuel"

Rational 5 months

Keep giving buckets of money to the wrong people, and this will continue. People can't buy what they don't have money for. The wealthy horde their money so they are worthless for the economy.

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