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Biden sweeps primaries in Florida, Illinois and Arizona

Biden sweeps primaries in Florida, Illinois and Arizona

Joe Biden has continued his winning streak in the Democratic presidential nominee race. He’s registered a win in all three states that voted Tuesday - Arizona, Illinois and Florida. The victories allow him to substantially expand his delegate lead over Sen. Sanders. Of the 2176 delegates declared this far in the race, Biden has the support of 1147 against 861 for Sanders.

Jus Saying
Jus Saying 7 months

I'm not a Biden supporter, however, I am enjoying Bernie supporters realize their views aren't supported by the majority of people... let's be honest they won't realize anything they live in a bubble.

Werli 7 months

welp it appears the democrats have chosen 4 more years of trump.

Jack 7 months

Of course we want someone who flips their narrative every 8 minutes.

Orange Obama
Orange Obama 7 months

Weird how it doesn’t take weeks on end to count the states Biden “wins”

KOAN. 7 months

Sniffing intensifies

Randall 7 months

I wonder why all the exit polls are so far off. Usually exit polls within 2% mean the election results are accurate while outside 4% indicate fraudulent activity. Current exit polls indicate up to 15% inaccurate! WTF is going on?

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