Coronavirus lockdown turns Venice’s canals into ’cleanest in living memory’

Coronavirus lockdown turns Venice’s canals into ’cleanest in living memory’

Venetian canals are the clearest they have been in living memory after Italy’s coronavirus lockdown stopped boats from bringing sediment to the surface. Usually choked by pollution from diesel-powered boats, Venice’s canals are usually clouded and murky. The lockdown has also improved the air quality of the city due to the restriction in people’s movement, which has reduced traffic significantly.

Steve 1 months

Interesting how they cleaned themselves up so quickly. Perhaps there are a few things about the environment and econsystems of this planet that we don't yet fully understand. No, wait, the models explain it all.

Max Bants
Max Bants 1 months

I'm amazed how quickly things improved.

John W
John W 1 months

there was always plenty of flow, but always more crap than flow.

Dave 1 months

The canals are clearing, smog is clearing, the planet does well without humans. Need a "fuck off month" where everyone just stays indoors one month a year, so the planet can breathe.

Tachyon 1 months

No they're not. There's just no traffic stirring it up so all the particulates settle to the bottom.

IvoryDove 1 months

Maybe the sewage running down the gutters in San Francisco will clear out if enough "homeless" (aka bums) get out of town?

TheCurrentModality 1 months

Has to have just been sediment stirred up, Silt and Fish poo. Poor water quality doesn't just go away but sediment will settle very quickly.

Sapper 1 months

That’s brilliant news! The largest canal system in the world is in my home town of Birmingham in Middle England. It is a marvel of engineering dating back over a hundred years.

Rational ific
Rational ific 1 months

It's like Chernobyl, which is a nature sanctuary. There are mutations, but they pale in comparison to the dangers that humans bring when they are in the area.

Fin 1 months

Mother nature enjoys the layoff on its misused public spaces

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