House lawmakers ask for remote voting amid coronavirus spread

House lawmakers ask for remote voting amid coronavirus spread

More than two dozen members of Congress have signed onto a bipartisan letter asking Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy to allow the House to vote remotely as the coronavirus pandemic rages on. The letter states, ’We write to ask that the House of Representatives hold itself to the same high standard that it is asking of the nation: to put public health and safety first.’

Carol 2 months

Do you think that'll be safe, remember, Russian hackers?!!

ICblades 2 months

in this day with technology being what it is I find it funny that all these people are required to be in dc to represent their own state. I personally believe they should only be required to be in DC for major events everything else can be done from their in. state offices

M. Schlegel
M. Schlegel 2 months

There are a lot of provisions as to the potus, to always have a successor ready, to always have him protected and able to act. But the parliaments? Not only in the US but if we want democracy our elected representatives must be able to perform their duties and be safe, even more so if there is some pandemic, natural disaster or anything of that kind. We should have prepared for situations like this long ago.

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