New Zealand passes landmark law to decriminalise abortion

New Zealand passes landmark law to decriminalise abortion

New Zealand has passed a landmark bill that treats abortion as a health issue rather than a crime, and allows women to choose a termination up to 20 weeks into a pregnancy, with advice from her doctor. Previously, two doctors were required to approve an abortion - and this could only happen if there was a ’serious danger’ to the pregnant woman’s health. The bill passed by 68 votes to 51.

Girthquake 2 months

it's amazing, you told someone a hundred years ago that this was legal they'd think that the 7th circle of hell opened up an damned us

Liberty, Eh?
Liberty, Eh? 2 months

Abortions for all and guns for none. This is what happens when you elect women leaders.

Ya Boi PI
Ya Boi PI 2 months

how stunning and brave

Max Bants
Max Bants 2 months


Hannibal 2 months

And in another century when New Zealand has bred itself out of existence we may thank the stunning and brave Kiwi parliament.

Minor_Complex 2 months

Abortion on demand, truly one of the worst concepts ever devised by humans. Go on, put your hand in my cooter and with your metal snippers cut and pull out all the individual arms and legs, fingers and toes. Don't mind the defensive marks on the fingernails or the extreme level of movement in the womb, that's just nerves. Take your metal snippers, do a big squeeze, and pull out the seperated head and body, and oh look, a clearly recognizable human face, but don't worry those are just nerves. Clump of cells, brainwaves, blah blah blah just kill it so we can go party. But seriously, if you kill a child there is no going back. Adoption is always an option. I'll take your baby if anyone reading this is too much of a piece of shit.

Marcus Rogers
Marcus Rogers 2 months

Yay for child death in a already low birth rate world.....

F G 2 months

This is terrible. None of the NZ people actually agree with this. These MPs have betrayed their constituents

Takoda Ackerley
Takoda Ackerley 2 months


Given Name 123
Given Name 123 2 months

Murder is fine as long as there is a law for it.

Michael Mantion
Michael Mantion 2 months

now I understand why they staged the nz massacre

Judge Dredd
Judge Dredd 2 months

we need this kind of progression in our ass backwards system we no longer live in the 50s time for ppl to stop carrying over the same old bullshit it's time for progress and human freedom.

Alexander 2 months

NZ has swerved hard left since Tarrant did what he did. I wonder if Christchurch was a catalyst?

Miles O'Brien
Miles O'Brien 2 months

What a great country and what great leadership. Sensible gun control and now an end to persecuting women. And yes, I would move there if I could.

shawn 2 months

About time abortion is not a crime it is a medical issue that should be a woman’s choice with her doctor and not the government. If abortion is so bad then why is it used in the bible as a way to a woman under a mans control. The trial of an unfaithful woman. It might not be a modern day abortion but it is a abortion and it’s in the bible.

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