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Close down the country, says investor Bill Ackman

Close down the country, says investor Bill Ackman

Hedge Fund Manager Bill Ackman has advised US president to shut down the US along with its borders for 1 month as well as offer Americans a 1 month rent, interest & tax holiday to help offset an expected deceleration in GDP growth. He believes that this would contain the novel coronavirus and financial markets would rally on such response.

Lux 5 months

Fuck this guy. If people want to stay home, they will do so.

avecplus 5 months

Why not? We all have 1 million dollars under our bed, right?

Pryotra 5 months

Will we magically get free utilities too, or do we get sit in the dark as the money runs out until jobs start back up? I work in a hospital, so I am lucky to have a job that is still having us come in. Traffic has never been so good.

Fin 5 months

Screw the hedges they always bet against

Rational 5 months

Moron...Unless people have the financial means to stay home, it will never happen.

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