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’Bernie has given up’, tweets Trump

’Bernie has given up’, tweets Trump

President Trump on Wednesday tweeted predicting that Sen. Sanders would ’soon’ drop out of the presidential race. ’The DNC will have gotten their fondest wish and defeated Bernie Sanders, far ahead of schedule’, Trump wrote repeating his assertion that the Democratic Party had worked to prevent Sanders’ nomination. Earlier Sanders’ team said Bernie plans to ’assess his campaign’.

Alexandra C
Alexandra C 7 months

Bernie was never going to win Florida. Too many Cubans remember Castro and what he did to Cuba. Cuba Libre

EyeswideOpen Bear
EyeswideOpen Bear 7 months

they chose senile Biden and are still completely ignoring a woman of color, tulsi gabbard is still running. the demoncraps are pathetic

I have no idea
I have no idea 7 months

Sanders is done. He doesn't have the support to win.

Grand Ol Propaganda
Grand Ol Propaganda 7 months

One thing that Spanky Bonespurs is right about. The DNC fixed it for Biden to win. Now Spanky will have another 4 more years

1968 Mustang
1968 Mustang 7 months

Knowing that Sanders lost my state of IL, I think Dem voters are rejecting socialism...

Small town conspiracy 1776
Small town conspiracy 1776 7 months

🤣 I can’t believe creepy Joe Biden is beating Bernie “I’ll give u free stuff” Sanders! Now if Americans vote for pedophile Biden in spite of Trump then those Americans are not true Americans because a true American would never vote for a child touching Epstein friend having to old to be president like Biden....

No One
No One 7 months

that pic of Bernie... 😂

Donna 7 months

As much as I dislike Trump, he's kind of right on this one? The DNC rallied behind the moderate, and the party and the media did its best to hurt Bernie's campaign. It's disheartening to see it, as a supporter, but it's still true.

porcus 7 months

Bernie is an Independent, not a Democrat; the DNC is not obligated to support him, something that they demonstrated in 2016. Bernie cannot win a presidential election as an Independent so he is trying to run under a party's banner that he is not actually a member of. The DNC is not being "corrupt" in this, just attempting to prevent their current base from fracturing further or having more of them leave. The Democrats are not trying to win the 2020 election, imo. They are just trying to survive as a party.

Carol 7 months

Is there "no end" to this "master bully's" tauntings?!! Trump is as far from perfect as anyone could ever be.

J3 7 months

The Democrats screwed themselves; I'm not voting for Joe. Bernie was the real alternative. Trump might as well win again. We need a third party now.

Randall 7 months

Trump knows that Sanders was the real threat and could actually beat him but Biden will be no problem at all.

Geo.h 7 months

Trumps right, the DNC got exactly what they wanted and now trumps gonna get re-elected. Great.

Kathy 7 months

Ever notice how trump’s tweets always seem to sound like they were written by a Russian troll. I wonder when he will accept that he is president of the whole country and not just a candidate that depends on dividing the country.

daddymoon666 7 months

he threw in the towel... this last debate he needed to go for the jugular but didn't do so... another 4 years with the dumb fuck in chief... at least rich will be taken good care of...

CoLpOeSnED 7 months

Not gonna lie, Bernie's campaign has been disappointing at pointing out corruption within the DNC. It should be as easy as Trump won his nomination in 2016.... Here's hoping Tulsi can keep her integrity and run independent.

Inappropriate Name
Inappropriate Name 7 months

That pic of Bernie perfectly sums up my idea of him

WJ MacKENZIE 7 months

What I find hilarious is Trump has been a far more legitimate supporter of Bernie than Bernie's own party.

Brandon Spears
Brandon Spears 7 months

Trump knows 100% what he's doing, Trump is guaranteeing the progressives definitely split the votes between Bernie and Biden and he's taking advantage of the civil war of the Democrats. This is going to absolutely work in his favor come election...

Antonio 7 months

Is this newsworthy?

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