Man being treated inside ambulance shot dead in North Carolina

Man being treated inside ambulance shot dead in North Carolina

Police in North Carolina reported that a man, who was being treated inside an ambulance was shot to death by a suspect. A security guard reported a disturbance that involved at least five people, and the police were subsequently called to the scene.

Dust Phoxner
Dust Phoxner 1 months

One would think by the headline that the police shot him but it was one of the indivudals invovled in the altercations.

Paul C
Paul C 1 months

Ban ambulances!

Observer 1 months

We need a new word. Someone who climbs into an ambulance and opens fire in front of multiple witnesses seems something more than a "suspect".

Jason 1 months

Old boy on his death bed must have confessed some sinister shit to his friend. Dude said "I BRB" and returned with a gun.

themdg 1 months

Patient Lives Matter!

Dave 1 months

Sounds like GTA 6 is coming along nicely.

Clint 1 months

what a fucking weird story

N. Maxwell Clinard
N. Maxwell Clinard 1 months

and this is why you don't live in Charlotte.

Randall 1 months


Carol 1 months

I'm pretty sure that man was a POC!

Barry 1 months

Politicians are Hacks
Politicians are Hacks 1 months

And so the virus begins to mutate

Arthur Dent
Arthur Dent 1 months

Well....that would pretty much cure him of everything!

gruppler 1 months

Sounds personal. Maybe a hit.

Alexandre C
Alexandre C 1 months

v ...v

Edward Williams
Edward Williams 1 months


Narth 1 months

so was he shot dead inside the ambulance or was shot and died in the ambulance?

Logan McKenzie
Logan McKenzie 1 months

Harvey Dent tried this once

KOAN. 1 months

Florida Florida Florida??? Ohhh :(

Diogenes Scrunguloso
Diogenes Scrunguloso 1 months

What is 13 but also 50?

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