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Columbus reaches record settlement deal in wrongful death case

Columbus reaches record settlement deal in wrongful death case

The city of Columbus, Ohio reached a record settlement with the family of Andre Hill, an unarmed man who police shot and killed in late December of 2020. Police responded to a non-emergency call around 2 am, and mistook Hill’s cell phone for a weapon & opened fire. Body cam footage confirmed over 10 minutes passed before Mr. Hill received any medical attention. He died 30 minutes later.

AnCap - Boycot Coca Cola
AnCap - Boycot Coca Cola 4 weeks

It’s pretty päthetic it takes cases like this for them to be actually fired and not just sent on administrative leave.

PappaOwl 4 weeks

Note to self sue the city not the department

Tristan 4 weeks

Police are getting sloppy. Tensions are high but they need to remain as cool and collected as possible.

Joseph 4 weeks

This isn’t free money. This is the money for roads, schools, playgrounds and other community infrastructure. How long will taxpayers pay to cover up for lousy police practice? Perhaps if each officer had to have malpractice insurance so the responsibility fell on them for poor performance we’d find ourselves with a better force as the bad ones priced themselves out of their profession.

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