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Shootings of officers in line of duty on pace to surpass ’historic’ highs

Shootings of officers in line of duty on pace to surpass ’historic’ highs

According to the National Fraternal Order of Police (FOP), at least 106 law enforcement officers have been wounded so far in 2021. The FOP said that number of law enforcement officers wounded in the line of duty this year is already ’on pace to surpass last year’s historic numbers.’ 23 have been killed. In 2020, 314 officers were shot in the line of duty, with 47 being killed by gunfire.

T 4 weeks

Democrats, blm and antifa are doing all those murders, while their leaders refuse to address the actual insurrection by democrats that has been happing for over a year, until today. Burning and attacking police stations and ice facilities is INSURRECTION, that the democrat party are insisting to ignore because they need voters, no matter how felonious.

Old McBundy
Old McBundy 4 weeks

Those are rookie numbers. You gotta pump those numbers up! All government can get fucked, including the armed boots that get paid to enforce all their unjust edicts against regular citizens.

michael 4 weeks

I wish I could feel worse. But after watching what they did to peaceful protests, turning them into riots with pre-emptive violence, and after learning how deeply white supremacists have infiltrated the police, maybe we should have elected sheriffs with deputies instead of unelected officials dragging problem cops back and forth across the country.

David 4 weeks

The politicians have made it clear that the sole role of the police is to protect their gated communities and enforcing their political policies, all other forms of policing are racist.

Thomas 4 weeks

When are people going to learn, criminals don't care about your laws, they only care when they are enforce. Defund the police was the stupidest idea anyone ever came up with. The world is laughing at us.

Matt H.
Matt H. 4 weeks

While this is gross and the loss of human life is tragic, it's important for conservatives to remember that cops aren't your friends. At the drop of a gavel they'll enforce laws you hate and laws that might oppress your or those you care about and won't think twice about it, because it's just their jobs to do so.

chris 4 weeks

Terrible about how cops are terrorists who protect each other at all lengths and could care less about their thin blue line, us vs them mentality.

Indo 4 weeks

Wear a badge, carry a gun. Shoot to kill when unsure. And the reaction is exactly from the opposite direction. That's just nature.

🙏Thoughts And Prayers🙏
🙏Thoughts And Prayers🙏 4 weeks

◇ Why are so many people against those who are "woke"?? ◇ Especially knowing what the opposite of "wokeness" is... ◇ Can anyone explain why this is so? ◇ 🤔

Larry 4 weeks

They deserve what they get they are a threat i believe all of the police that were shot were shot in self defense as people age rightfully in fear for their lives when interacting with police. And they're right for having those feelings

chris 4 weeks

James, the white privilege in here is predicable and pathetic. I guess it will take one of their own kids to die at the hands of police during a welfare check.

Donald 4 weeks

You need to include the number of civilians killed by police in the article for comparison!

David 4 weeks

It's Trump's fault.

John 4 weeks

These comments prove one thing and one thing only. This civil conflict the US is experiencing will not be resolved until there is blood on the streets and bodies on the ground. It's clear that the time for discussion and talking is over and I honestly 100% believe there is no way to fix it without a civil war.

shawn 4 weeks

I am sorry for the police officers families as they do not deserve to loose a family member. How ever until police are held accountable for their actions/criminal actions people are going to do what needs to be done. My opinion if you want police officers to not be killed then hold them to the same standards as the public.

steve 4 weeks

The 15th most dangerous profession. More died from Covid than “in the line of duty” in 2020. I don’t remember any parades for them though.

Ned_Flanders 4 weeks

More guns, lets go!!! Right?

MIDESSA 4 weeks

Yeah war is H3LL. How about we end this war on drugs BS that's held our country hostage for over a hundred years now with it's only purpose being to create criminals. Seriously can anyone give me another reason for our current prohibitions in some states but not in others?

Yuri bezmenov
Yuri bezmenov 4 weeks

23 killed, isnt tha more than unarmed deaths lol.

namesake544 4 weeks

Being an officer in the USA isn't even in the top 20 most dangerous jobs. This narrative only works on people who don't know what google is.

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