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Coronavirus pandemic not halting spring breakers’ party

Coronavirus pandemic not halting spring breakers’ party

While many across the country are practicing social distancing to help curb the spread of the COVID-19, videos and photos of spring breakers in Florida have emerged, showing many undeterred by the threat. ’If I get corona, I get corona’, said one spring break goes adding that the threat of the virus would not let him stop partying. US has 9,521 cases with 160 recorded deaths.

VanityCulture_ 5 months

generation narcissist.

Skeptic 5 months

Worth noting that MOST youth are not this stupid or self-centered. But there are always some...

Kyle G
Kyle G 5 months

Well these kids go out, get hammered, and start tackling one another for not really the most forward thinkers.

John W
John W 5 months

Darwin awards for them and their families.

Fin 5 months

Ur parents should cut off ur tuition or allowances

Pamela 5 months

If they act as self-serving idiots, they’ll put their families at risk when they come home. Their parents are to blame, and their parents are the ones who are going to likely get sick.

T.N. Morgan
T.N. Morgan 5 months

I wouldn't give two shits if they all catch corona and die. In fact, I'd probably laugh. Fuck these idiots.

Judi Em
Judi Em 5 months

The most self-centered part, they will all disperse to their homes after spring break. Families shouldn't let them in the door. LOL!

Carol 5 months

Err on the side of caution; better safe then sorry!

intherough 5 months

Up 5 months

They will be fine.

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