Сhina reports 39 imported COVID-19 cases

Сhina reports 39 imported COVID-19 cases

China reported an record level of imported coronavirus cases on Thursday, according to data released. The country had 39 new confirmed cases on Thursday, all of them imported. For a second day in a row, China found no domestically transmitted cases of the virus. China has seen 80,967 cases with 3,248 deaths.

bobby_5150 1 weeks

So, their secret agent plague carries have returned home? Not sure I'd call that imported.

Brian 1 weeks

Call it what it is, returned to sender.

Carisa D
Carisa D 1 weeks

Ummmmmm ya... I TOTALLY believe that. 🙄😒

VaasDC 1 weeks


Nicolaus Gilbert Wilson
Nicolaus Gilbert Wilson 1 weeks

I don't believe a thing they say.

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