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Fox News rapidly shifts from downplaying COVID-19 to taking it seriously

Fox News rapidly shifts from downplaying COVID-19 to taking it seriously

After spending weeks downplaying the threat of the COVID-19 virus, Fox News has decided it has a ’responsibility to slow down this virus’. Hosts initially criticized what they called ’mass hysteria’, with some claiming the panic around the virus was an effort to try to taint President Trump. In a U-turn, three hosts of Fox & Friends, appearing on a split screen, advocated social distancing.

Dr. Ötker
Dr. Ötker 6 months

Funny how left targets Fox News all the time. Makes me want to actually read more Fox News, not the opposite.

front sight aim
front sight aim 6 months

Hannity in particular has been downplaying COVID-19 since the beginning. But that's not news, that's an opinion show.

Chris Austin
Chris Austin 6 months

All broadcast news is biased and agenda driven. It's why I don't watch any of it. Now, cleay fox news is the ideal news to watch if you must. They actually changed the message when things got real bad. Unlike the others when their agendas are shown wrong.

Emperor Tito
Emperor Tito 6 months

Wasn’t left wing media just calling it racist to worry? And how is this news? The fox derangement syndrome is really out of hand.

TheCurrentModality 6 months

@elimination, I'll take someone trying to put this in perspective and realizing they misjudged over far-left commentators who saw this as an "oppurtunity"

EnervatedSociety 6 months

I don’t watch Fox aside from clips that show up online here and there but Fox is not exactly wrong. There is mass hysteria and the left leaning news/media does blame Trump. (for everything) That shouldn’t surprise anyone. I don’t see how that is playing down the virus. Several things can be true at once. Anyways, watching that video doesn’t tell me that much. Some it seems out of context, some of it irrelevant, and in a couple clips it looks like those particular individuals may have changed their mind. I’d have to see the full context. What a can tell for sure is that the total sums to very little considering the station runs 24/7. It’s a weak video given the claim imo. I need more information and I can’t trust these left leaning sources. One of them is still pushing the lie that Trump said the virus is a hoax. That just isn’t true. Again, I don’t watch Fox News.

Carisa D
Carisa D 6 months

I don’t get why we are supposed to think this is a bad thing? It shows intelligence and independent thinking to adapt to the circumstances and revise your course of action as more information is revealed. I do not think that news stations should have been coming out in the early days and stoking mass panic and to pretend that the liberals were not and are not continuing to use this crisis as a weapon against Trump is just intellectually dishonest.

Judge Dredd
Judge Dredd 6 months

that's bcs fox is the fakes form of news you can possibly get, talk about scraping the bottom of the barrel. an to one who watches fox needs to go a a lobotomy

Fonky Munk
Fonky Munk 6 months

Hey where’s that fucktard, Fox sycophant porcus?

TheCurrentModality 6 months

in the news, fox downlpays histeria, fox bad. fox changes course realizing the true nature of the situation, fox bad. nutty far-left that hate fox and all things that don't fit their narrative, this is why you are losing. normal folks on left distance yourself from nutters

Donna 6 months

While I'm no Fox News viewer myself, I think it's good for them to inform their older audience of the serious health threats around the country. It's a lot better than pretending nothing's happening, even if it's a little late in the game. Regardless of politics, these are still people that need to be able to make decisions while being fully informed of the risks.

Mutatis 6 months

Meh, there has been quite a bit of 'mass hysteria', as displayed by the shortages of toilet paper, etc.

Jack 6 months

“We’re wrong, a lot. Time to teach people about safety!”

Carol 6 months


Carbomb 6 months

Opinion TV is what Fox news should actually be called ...or Hack TV to be more accurate. Hannity, Carlson and especially Queen of Hackery Laura Ingraham. To call them State TV is an insult to actual State TV ...

Pamela 6 months

I watch Fox, and I watch MSNBC (can’t bear CNN, though I’ll flip over there from time to time)— I think we all need to watch various types of news channels. And I don’t think “FOX” suddenly changed its views. Hannity did, rather quickly. But the actual reporting wasn’t that different. Most news outlets were in a denial phase for awhile.

Robert 6 months

Now we should stop their fascist hate propaganda seriously and charge them for endangering all Americans!

Dust Phoxner
Dust Phoxner 6 months

When all news organizations are telling me what to do thats when I get suspicious.

Michael Mantion
Michael Mantion 6 months

wtf. who chooses the articles?

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