Netflix urged to slow down streaming

Netflix urged to slow down streaming

Netflix is being urged to slow down streaming in order to stop the internet from breaking as the number of people streaming on the website have increased by 12% in the United States. Thousands of people have taken to Netflix to keep themselves occupied as people stick to their homes in order to control the spread of the coronavirus disease.

chris 1 months

I cant believe this article. It is like the people who wrote this are superstitious about technology. Netflix won't break the internet and ghosts and leprechauns wont eat you.

michael zubas
michael zubas 1 months

I thought ending Net Neutrality was supposed to Increase bandwidth?

Werli 1 months

you clearoy dont know how the internet works. you can stream as much as the netflix servers can handle. if you exceed the limits then netflix will have buffering issues. it wont break the internet. goddam boomer post

Kyle G
Kyle G 1 months

Someone should tell CNN that ‘you never go full retard’.

Up 1 months

This is like saying "If too many people shop at Walmart then all of the other stores in town will run out of inventory... and the roads will stop working."

Sir_Kutz 1 months

Netflix is a has been

pastorious 1 months

Reminds me that South Park épisode when the internet is like during the Great Depression. What it sounds like is someone made a contact they can't honor (isp)... if they paid for the bandwidth what's the problem. More than likely they'll complain scaling well then either throttle and break contract or suck it up.

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