Twitter to crack down on misinformation about Coronavirus

Twitter to crack down on misinformation about Coronavirus

Twitter is taking action to help stop the spread of the coronavirus & stop misinformation by announcing a slew of new measures.They are expanding their safety rules to include content that could place people at a higher risk of transmitting COVID-19. For updates on the coronavirus, Twitter has dedicated an event page and an additional Twitter account, TwitterSafety.

Dust Phoxner
Dust Phoxner 1 months

Let me repharase "Twitter is going to censor people who ask to many questions."

Tachyon 1 months

Oh just @#$% off Twitter!

Emperor Tito
Emperor Tito 1 months

I’m sure “misinformation about coronavirus” includes people talking about the United States Government’s attempts to get rid of end to end encryption.

Adam. 1 months

This is slightly bizarre. Nobody knows the full facts about this virus at this stage. How can Twitter check if something is factual when the facts aren't known?

Peter 1 months

Super-PRO Covid Prevention Tip: Drink Bleach....let me explain this one........

pastorious 1 months


Lisa 1 months

It’s about time! A lot of misinformation has come from President Trump. Will they censor him?

Jon 1 months

I have been seeing flat out dangerous info, also Alex Jones and multiple other TV pastors selling horseshit products claiming they cure the virus just received cease and desist orders.

Galen 1 months

Minimal effort they are

TheMadDane 1 months

Misinformation??? Like what? That the virus is from China?

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