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No shortage of food amid coronavirus pandemic

No shortage of food amid coronavirus pandemic

British Environment Secretary George Eustice has said that there is ’significant resilience in their food supply chain’ amid public concern over COVID-19. However he added that the challenge they have is of getting food to shelves in time when people have been panic buying. Hence supermarkets have stepped up efforts to stop panic buying, restricting purchases across a wide range of products.

Mike Johanson
Mike Johanson 5 months

The U.S is the top agricultural powerhouse in the world. We have an enormous amount of farmable land surpassed only by Russia. Russia lacks the work force and the capital to utilize that land to it's full capacity. We do not. We have the ability to feed our entire population if things really get bad....can't say the same for third world countries unfortunately...

Jax Milovitch
Jax Milovitch 5 months

Bloody hope we can feed our own countries I’ll be in the streets laughing soon

Gordon 5 months

We'll be fine as long as there's no shortage of Marmite, jellied eel, and black pudding!

Inappropriate Name
Inappropriate Name 5 months

Check back in 6 months

Max Bants
Max Bants 5 months


Don'tbackNV 5 months

I mean to be fair most Americans have ample reserves yknowhatimean.

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