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First coronavirus death in Russia

First coronavirus death in Russia

Russia on Thursday reported the first death in the country from the new coronavirus. A 79-year-old woman with underlying health issues who tested positive for the new coronavirus had died, as per reports. Russia has reported 199 coronavirus cases so far.

Fin 7 months

Up.. This isn't ur normal flu n u have ur stats wrong.... 180 China alone n Italy higher... N us isn't just getting the first ripple.. U watch.. If we don't tap it down.. Will take 200 to 300 thousand easy

Up 7 months

60,000 people died of flu in 2017 -18 in the states. So far Corona has killed less than 10,000 worldwide.

Jason 7 months

Well now we know. Having BAC of .20 isnt a cure for COVID-19It killing Russians guys.... .

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