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Woman throws oxygen tank at NYC subway train

Woman throws oxygen tank at NYC subway train

A search is on for the woman who threw an oxygen tank at an inbound subway train in Brooklyn. Surveillance video caught the woman entering the Nevis Street subway station on Tuesday with the oxygen tank. The woman then threw the tank onto the track and ran off. A northbound train hit the tank, creating smoke in the area. No one was hurt.

Scott 5 months

wow.... This is a down right nasty I'll minded individual who has no respect for human life. Therefore the best way to correct this issue is find out who she is and don't waste the taxpayers dollars on her or trying to figure out what is wrong with her mental state. What she attempted to do was blow up a lot of people who are not on the oxygen tossing connection line of death .Find her and remove her from society for the rest of her life.

Dan 5 months

Perhaps she was mad that they didn't offer women-only subway trains.

Carisa D
Carisa D 5 months

Is that a picture of the women mentioned in the headline?

bobby_5150 5 months

LOX probably would have done a better job.

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