Tulsi Gabbard ends 2020 campaign

Tulsi Gabbard ends 2020 campaign

Rep. Tulsi Gabbard has suspended her campaign for the Democratic presidential nomination. Announcing the decision via Twitter, Gabbard offered her ’full support’ to Biden. She also praised Sanders, while saying, ’I have great appreciation for Senator Sanders’ love for our country and the American people and his sincere desire to improve the lives of all Americans’.

Sean 2 months

After all that she supported Biden???

The King In Yellow
The King In Yellow 2 months

too bad

Emperor Tito
Emperor Tito 2 months

Bernie cucked again lmao

The Deer King
The Deer King 2 months

Something happened. Gabardine previous rhetoric goes completely counter to Biden.

atlas shrugged
atlas shrugged 2 months

Thanks Tulsi, while I did not agree with you on everything, you ran a principled campaign and always seemed honest. I sincerely hope you run again for some public office as we need more politicians like you.

Raistlin 2 months

I’m a trump man but if I would’ve had to vote democrat I would’ve voted tulsi.

Joshua Green
Joshua Green 2 months

And the winner of this news is Trump, she was the sanest D left in the race and she was squashed by the establishment for the preferred loser, she played ball with the rigged game and will likely be promised a role somewhere for her sacrifice.

No Name
No Name 2 months

RIP any backbone she might have had

MARK 2 months

Say it ain't so Tulsi ! ? Biden ? Really ? You've just lost a big fan and supporter . Biden represents everything you campaigned against ! ! You've lost ALL credibility . This lifelong democrat will NEVER vote for biden or a democrat again . You support a blatant liar . Birds of a feather lie together . Thanks for making up my mind for me . 🤯😫 . BERNIE SANDERS 2020 ! !

mcpimpen 2 months

gawd daymn it, her too?

MrCIA 2 months

While I disagree with her on quite a few issues, I find it a bit unfortunate that she never got anywhere. She was the only one in the democratic primary that had the mix of intelligence, charm and cohones that could have challenged Trump in November.

ironoverlord 2 months

I was expecting her to stay in the race waiting for Biden and Sanders to either die or be forced into retirement.

Politicians are Hacks
Politicians are Hacks 2 months

NO!!! She was the last hope for DNC credibility! Now I'll never vote left.

Cuppa T
Cuppa T 2 months

She knows Sanders has gone way off to the left so the only other alternative is Biden. She should have given no support whatsoever.

A Rho
A Rho 2 months

Oh. I didn’t expect her to back Biden at all. She seems to really hate the Democrats. I was fully expecting her to either say “present” or throw her support behind Donald Trump. Interesting...

Change Matters
Change Matters 2 months


Dust Phoxner
Dust Phoxner 2 months

Tulsi showing her true colors and endorsing the CFR candidate. Is it just a coincidence that Bernie and Bided have pretty much the same ammount of delegates as Bernie and Hillary at this point in time? The DNC runs a psudeo democracy you get the candidate they choose. It's only a matter of time till Bernie once again sells out and Endorses the DNCs candidate. Bernie Bros it's time to wake up and unite with us against the establishment.

Young Conservative
Young Conservative 2 months

Lol even Tulsi can't back that anti American POS Sanders

Airus 2 months

so dems Don't want a strong female whamen of color in the white house? pussblocked by Hilary

The Gas Mask Man
The Gas Mask Man 2 months

This new format for commenting on mobile is cool

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