Coronavirus: California issues state-wide ’stay at home’ order

Coronavirus: California issues state-wide ’stay at home’ order

California’s Governor Thursday issued a statewide ’stay at home’ order to residents, telling them to leave their homes only when necessary during the coronavirus pandemic. His order will force businesses deemed non-essential to close, while allowing others including grocery stores, pharmacies, banks and petrol stations to stay open. LA is likely to be ’disproportionately impacted’, he warned.

Fin 1 months

My job doesn't give me that at home op.. Omg I would get some seriously needed sleep

JMMA-Z 1 months

hopefully this stay at home order applies to them moving out of the state in the future also. we don't need Californians in our state.

Seekster 1 months

I am curious how exactly this is meant to be enforced.

Jack 1 months

Don’t see this being enforced in any realistically tangible way. Other than some sort of silly tattle-system?

Jim Boi
Jim Boi 1 months

Am I the only one who thinks this is an over reaction?

Michael Mantion
Michael Mantion 1 months

the estimates showed 25 million Californians infected in 8 weeks. at 3% death rate that is 750k people dead from WuFlu. shame on all the people that ignored my warnings months ago ad acted like this was the flu. b

I Am Grug
I Am Grug 1 months

So should the homeless stay at home as well?

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