Elderly woman ’left in tears’ at empty supermarket shelves amid panic buying

Elderly woman ’left in tears’ at empty supermarket shelves amid panic buying

A widely shared picture showing an elderly woman in tears as she surveyed the empty shelves of a supermarket amid the coronavirus pandemic is becoming a sobering symbol of the consequences of panic-buying. The photo was taken at a store in Australia Thursday. The canned food aisle was empty as the woman stood with her rolling cart. ’I’m told she was in tears’, wrote a reporter who shared the pic.

Given Name 123
Given Name 123 2 months

I am sorry. We knew of this virus in January. We saw the chaos in Wuhan shops in late January. You not being prepared is your own responsibility. Stop waiting for your government to give orders like a baby and take responsibility . My family and I have been buying some extra cans of food and water since January with every shop we did. We were prepared, we took responsibility, now it's your turn.

Minor_Complex 2 months

This is what it will be like if Bernie is elected. Empty shelves and government officials telling you to empty your pantries because having extra is bad.

Cheri Carter
Cheri Carter 2 months

This is when governments need to step in and stop this panic buying. No senior should have to face this situation. Shame on all those who are doing this. It shows your true character and how little you care about others. What if that was one of your family members?

Barry 2 months

Did any of the journalists help her or did they just take pictures of her?

Scribe J
Scribe J 2 months

This virus was in the news damnit, even in a reduced capacity. people could still find the information with a cursory search. I began preparing when i saw the video of that woman being welded shut by the communists. At the time my thoughts were; what is it that scares these people so much that they not only quarantined an entire city? i did what i could to warn the people i cared about and the co workers i worked with. Seeing this is sad and I can empathize with that predicament, but the signs were there. the reactions you could see in wuhan would be the same reactions to the different areas around the world. but people like this elderly woman chose to either ignore them, downplay the potential severity, or just didnt anticipate the clouds in the horizon. Is it really everyone else's fault that they arrived to see shelves laid bare? No, its just selfish to believe that the scary things would not arrive at your doorstep. At the end of the day, the people who knew of this and did nothing, are paying the price, literally.

Ironborn Pyke
Ironborn Pyke 2 months

Such sad news. This is what we have become a greedy, selfish, and panicked species...sad story about all of us.

Fin 2 months

You could make hand sanitizer put it in little bottles n give one to a less fortunate elder or person.. U could open a door for em or hand en one item u bought in multitude.... And give em fricking space to shop... I was proud of some parents who hand kids with em taught kids to keep hands in pockets.. KINDNESS IN THE ONLY INFECTION WE NEED TO SPREAD

Fin 2 months

Yep I had that encounter other day with a elder on fixed income took taxi to get basics has handicapped daughter at home Asses in store swarming around her.... Ripping crap off shelves.... I bought her groceries handed her five one hundred dollar bills gave her my tp n bread n rode her home... Now I check on her... It's how my folks raised me... Now u have a chance to be the Christian u say u are... The walk over the talk.. Get it done.. Fishes and loaves always

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