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Israeli military allegedly used media to trick Hamas

Israeli military allegedly used media to trick Hamas

Early Friday, the Israeli military put out a statement to the media: ’IDF air and ground troops are currently attacking in the Gaza Strip.’ Hours later, the military clarified that there were no troops inside Gaza. However, the media had reported a ground offensive was under way. According the IDF sources, this was planned to lure Hamas militants into a trap that may have killed dozens.

GUYIVKS 0 months

The real story is media went off half cocked and wrote misleading headlines. Get caught with their pants down they blame others. Just as they have been lying like pigs in mud about the WH for 6 years, get caught blame someone else. Age old msm tactics. Never take the blame.

Seekster 0 months

If this was deliberate then it was an utterly brilliant move and kudos to Israel for having the coordination to pull it off.

Dr. Ötker
Dr. Ötker 0 months

Brilliant, there was a time when Leaders and military commanders used to be praised for using their brains over brawns. Now in 2021, they are „accused“ of it.

Blake Downey
Blake Downey 0 months

So horrible of them to use tactics that prevent militants from firing more rockets on them and likely had them go into a trap without their civilian shields.

Isaiah 0 months

Okay so warning civilians and destroying buildings being used as militant strongholds are bad, and luring out militants from civilian occupied buildings to fight is also bad? But firing hundreds of missiles into the open public, including the people you're supposedly fighting for, is okay?

nacho 0 months

Media calls this a "crisis of credibility". Yeah... Exactly. That's how we feel about the media.

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