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’This is a Trump trademark’, says CNN’s King on NBC reporter outburst

’This is a Trump trademark’, says CNN’s King on NBC reporter outburst

CNN anchor John King slammed President Trump’s attack on an NBC reporter Peter Alexander. Trump was upset after Alexander asked whether he was giving Americans a false sense of hope with his optimism about a malaria drug’s potential use in response to the coronavirus. ’This is a Trump trademark’, King said calling Trump outburst a ’bullshit attack’.

Steve 5 months

Although I don't like the president'sresponse, CNN, and the news media in general, have no justification for complaining. The media has been so unfair to Trump these past 3.5 years and now, when something comes back at them, they cry and complain? Really media folks? Grow up. If you're going to sling mud you need to expect to get some back eventually.

William 5 months

once again the repub is always the victim. poor repubs always getting picked on. 😩

Jon 5 months

After Trump threw a temper tantrum Fauci came up and said this completely justifying the question. Do you Trump cultists only hear Trumps words and ignore everyone else? The pandemic expert is telling you its it's not even close 🤦‍♂️https///youtu.b//S1JkWcrCYeg

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