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NYC is the epicenter of the crisis in the US

NYC is the epicenter of the crisis in the US

NYC accounts for roughly a third of all the coronavirus cases in the nation with 5,151 confirmed infections as of Friday, Mayor Bill de Blasio said. ’We are now the epicenter of this crisis’, De Blasio said at a press conference. Separately, Gov. Cuomo said the state expects COVID-19 cases to peak in about 45 days. He added they expect 110,000 people to be hospitalized; the state has 53,000 beds.

Up 7 months

A progressive liberal city with out of control homelessness and crime is not faring well during a pandemic? I'm shocked!

Daniel McEwen
Daniel McEwen 7 months

DiBlasio: "I'm not going up close the schools or gyms and you can't make me!" Also DiBlasio: "It's Trump's fault!"

Juanita 7 months

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Steve 7 months

No surprise here... lots of people in a small space.

intherough 7 months

Move over, New York! Florida is coming for that title, and I believe we will get it! And have it for a while.

Pamela 7 months

Sanctuary city/states that have done the exact OPPOSITE of what our President have warned them against are now complaining that they are overwhelmed in a pandemic. What did they think would and will happen during a crisis? Rainbows and gold sparkles falling from the sky? But go ahead... get yourselves into this mess while hating on the POTUS. Then blame him when you’re in over your head.

Smasher Devourer
Smasher Devourer 7 months

Only makes sense that the city with the largest population and a large amount of tourist and business people flowing in and out of here was going to get hit the hardest. We have to look at things like This per capita

Dana 7 months

And New Orleans is coming up on next since we just had Mardi Gras. We finally started testing so cases about to sky rocket.

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