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North Korea says Trump has sent a letter offering to help fight Coronavirus

North Korea says Trump has sent a letter offering to help fight Coronavirus

North Korea welcomed what it said was a letter from US President Trump to North Korean leader Kim Jong Un, saying it showed their ’special and very firm personal relations’. Trump has offered to help North Korea with CoVid-19. North Korea claimed to have ’conquered’ the coronavirus and has no reported cases. The White House confirmed that Trump sent Kim a letter but did not confirm the specifics.

Flibbity Dubbity
Flibbity Dubbity 7 months

We need help. Why offer help to North Korea when Americans are dying? Doctors don't even have enough filter marks to treat victims of the hideous virus and we are offering assistance to a despot? Why on earth would we do that? Marshall our own resources here where they are direly needed for the life or death needs of Americans!

Tyler 7 months

I have no problem with offering help to any foreign nation in need, but I would first like to see Mr. "America First" make sure that the people of OUR country have the treatments and medical supplies we need, followed by a steady stream of accurate information about this virus, so that all of the cable news watchers out there can make informed decisions about their actions.

Fin 7 months

Cut the crap do u think dear leader would ever tell u the truth if it was worse... N nk is a all the time lock down country.. Anything the king can do distract...

Avi Khait
Avi Khait 7 months

Hoping this is only a symbolic gesture. There are shortage of PPE inside tbe US currently, I've seen medical personnel begging for help.

Gary 7 months

He should write to South Korea and ask for their Drive Through testing!

R_Forde 7 months

I think this a a great gesture.

Carol 7 months

He can't even "help" Americans, what can he possibly do for some other country? If Korea is smart, they'll see this as one more "scam!" By the world's most notorious scam artist!

david dindu
david dindu 7 months

i thought they have no cases

William 7 months

dont those two look so cute..

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