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Italy sees 793 new deaths, 6,557 new COVID-19 cases

Italy sees 793 new deaths, 6,557 new COVID-19 cases

The daily death toll in Italy continues to rise. As per latest records, the number of dead from the COVID-19 outbreak in Italy jumped by 793 to 4,825. The total number of cases in Italy has now risen to 53,578 from the previous days 47,021. Within the country, Lombardy remains the hardest-hit region having recorded 3,095 deaths and 25,515 cases.

T.N. Morgan
T.N. Morgan 7 months

It's because you didn't hug enough Chinese people. The next step is for Italians to head to China town and start licking all the door knobs and handrails. Gotta virtual signal even harder at this time or the world will think you're all racists. Would you rather be called racists or would you rather die? I think we all know the answer to that. 😤

NACXL 7 months

I like the turkish looking mosque in the article picture.. very italian.👍

Juanita 7 months

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