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Businesses banning banknotes, asking customers to use credit, debit cards

Businesses banning banknotes, asking customers to use credit, debit cards

Despite assurances from health officials that the risk of transferring the coronavirus person-to-person through the use of banknotes is small, a growing number of businesses and individuals worldwide have stopped using banknotes in fear of the currency becoming the vector for the virus. Even some countries like Hungary and Iran are urging their citizens to stop using banknotes altogether.

Arrow 5 months

It's tough for me to seperate my logical side from my conspiratorial thoughts. The Occam's Razor explanation is "passing items back and forth is bad during an outbreak...." Now my other side is taking a different approach. Looking more at the government bailouts of the previous recession. We're all insanely dependent on banks, that's an uncomfortable fact, but this? This is a whole new level. If you can only use cards, you don't have any money. You have bank points. Just as real as a Dave & Busters game card. We'll suddenly have no choice for a semi-off-grid lifestyle. That spectrum from fully data-mined to wilderness survivalist is suddenly polarized. Mixed with the new encryption legislation, things aren't looking good for the ever-present push between man and government.

Spontaneous Order
Spontaneous Order 5 months

Smart businesses will start accepting silver coins and rounds. Silver is resistant to infection and debt-based monetary policy.

Barry 5 months

Bitcoin. Just scan the other person's wallet address. No contact needed. No banks needed.

Bulwark AC
Bulwark AC 5 months

Why aren't more places just using UV-C bulbs to sanitize the money? Place each bulb under a UV-C lamp for 10 seconds. Flip, 10 seconds and good.

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