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’Good evidence’ that loss of taste, smell linked to latent coronavirus

’Good evidence’ that loss of taste, smell linked to latent coronavirus

Experts in the UK have identified the sudden loss of sense of smell or taste as a new symptoms of coronavirus. The British Association of Otorhinolaryngology said the new symptom was found in the ’absence of other symptoms’ of COVID-19. The organization said there was ’good evidence’ from patients in South Korea, China and Italy who developed the symptom, called anosmia.

Joe 7 months

Paris I think it’s just a temporary symptom that could be an early indicator or you have the virus before you start showing flu symptoms or if you are asymptomatic. You recover your sense of taste and smell after recovering from the virus

TheCurrentModality 7 months

If this holds up it could be a game changer. An early symptom would change everything.

Paris Cloud
Paris Cloud 7 months

First time I've been personally worried about getting it. Not being able to smell or taste is horrible from what I know from my grandma. I hope it's only a temporary thing for those who caught it.

porcus 7 months

Ha! Jokes on you Wuhan Flu! I already lost my sense of smell! So what are you going to do about that!!

Biden is Your Choice?
Biden is Your Choice? 7 months

Hey without the sense of taste, if food runs out, people can turn to eating their toilette paper without fear.

Fin 7 months

Seriously need more data.. But it's something to be aware of

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