COVID-19 updates: 311K cases globally, over 13K deaths

COVID-19 updates: 311K cases globally, over 13K deaths

While the first 100K COVID-19 cases took three months to register, the next 100K took 12 days. The latest 100K taking the overall cases to beyond 300K has taken four days. There are now over 13K recorded deaths with 4,825 of those in Italy. ’We are only a matter of weeks - two or three - behind Italy’, warned British PM Johnson. US has recorded 26,900 cases with 348 deaths.

Coolidge 1 months

If you are the praying type. Pray for deliverance for us all

Fin 1 months

Think some hotels near hospitals should provide rooms free for the tireless frontliners... Doing the stressful hard work thus it puts folks in hc close and can rest up between shifts

Up 1 months

Chinese Virus updates.

Spontaneous Order
Spontaneous Order 1 months

This virus is transmitted person to person through the air in droplets. Aerosolized droplets can remain in the air for UP TO 3 HOURS. On surfaces, this virus can survive in an infected state up to 4 days. So, don't share air with anyone, don't touch public surfaces. If you do touch something, go find a sink and some soap.

Politicians are Hacks
Politicians are Hacks 1 months

So something that we've know for a while is that COVID-19 is a long strand RNA, so--among other things--it can mutate quickly. We also know it comes from bats, which are well know for carrying rabies. Watch this virus mutate into the rage virus and we have zombies running around!

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