Pompeo accused China, Russia, Iran of fraud and disinformation

Pompeo accused China, Russia, Iran of fraud and disinformation

Secretary of State Mike Pompeo spoke out against fraud, disinformation, and scams related to the COVID-19 outbreak, accusing China, Russia and Iran for indulging in the same. ’There are coordinated efforts to disparage what America is doing’, Pompeo said, adding that the government has seen individuals, as well as the three foreign adversaries, spread false information online.

Joe 3 months

Especially the fraud and misinformation coming from the evil press who are working hand-in-hand with China to spread fear.

Up 3 months

Chinese Virus.

Rhokanth 3 months

My guess is tens of thousands have died in China, but they are hiding the true figures.


And this is only being on the defensive, America needs to the offensive and launch an anti disonformation campaign aiming at China's virus, corruption and mishandling leading to the killing of innocent people. furthermore, Europe has been very complacent and bought out by china (even though everything is shut down they still have the time to decide to let huawei build 5g in France and Germany) meanwhile they tell people no masks and no anti malarial etc only care about fines to make more money and let the people die. the web of corruption spreads across the earth and needs to be addressed, it's time to bring all the truth into the light. The light.

Jax Milovitch
Jax Milovitch 3 months

Yup it’s inevitability

Philipp 3 months

@ The Light: None of europe's politicans is telling us not to use masks! Keep your facts straight! We are fighting here with everything what we have! The governments of every european country is very concerned and is informing us adequately... Italians are in deep trouble and my prayers go out to all the doctors and nurses who are giving their lives! U.S. stay safe!

Rose 3 months

That’s all fine and good, until you realize that the Trump administration bungled it all, and will continue to bungle it. The narcissist in power is using this tragedy to give himself unlimited powers over people. You should all be very afraid. I’ve been tracking his trajectory from when he started, and every move has been to increase his power and his enablers. Anyone who doesn’t go along, is fired.

Rose 3 months

The comments I see make me even more afraid. All the information is out there for you to all see. Please, please take care of yourselves and open your eyes.

Carol 3 months

Too little, way too late; don't try to change hats now!

Barry 3 months

No, there's no virus in Russia

Carol 3 months

You guys have some nerve; the WH spreads more "misinformation" than all the books of "fiction" ever written! Quit going to other countries trying to extort and control when you can't even do what's right at home!!

Greg 3 months

Don’t we have more pressing domestic issues to worry about? Russia and China aren’t the point. There are a million different things they could be saying in their press conferences (see also: Cuomo) to reassure Americans and encourage safe behavior, and instead they pull a Putin, attempting to distract us from domestic problems by creating distant boogeymen. That should be beneath our government, and they should be embarrassed. Forget Russia and China so you can get those test kits and masks sent out to our hospitals!

Fin 3 months

Says the pot calling the kettle black

Joe 8
Joe 8 3 months

Should be called the CCP virus since it's spread was a direct result of that govts initial cover up.

🌀W_AS 3 months

I’d call it the “Made in Russia” virus. They have like no cases compared to Italy. They say it’s because they closed their border with China early. But their other borders are still open?

daddymoon666 3 months

Says the CIA lying schmuck...

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