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Angela Merkel self-quarantines after contacting coronavirus-infected doctor

Angela Merkel self-quarantines after contacting coronavirus-infected doctor

German Chancellor Angela Merkel went into home-quarantine on Sunday after coming into contact with a coronavirus-infected doctor. Merkel was informed on Sunday that a doctor who administered a pneumococcal vaccine to her Friday afternoon tested positive for the virus. She will be tested regularly over the coming days and will continue to conduct her duties as chancellor from home.

Is it 2025 yet?
Is it 2025 yet? 7 months

Don't worry, she had lots of diversity to keep her immune system strong.

Seekster 7 months

Hope she pulls through. I don't like her but I don't want her to die from this. She doesn't need to be made some sort of twisted martyr.

Up 7 months

Trying to be fair trying to be fair. Dont be mean. I hope she... is ...ok. 😑 For real though I hope sh''s ok.

Sapper 7 months

As a puppet for her overseers, she’s destroyed Europe, or at least made every single nation have to reinvent their society and cultures for at least a hundred years. If the Europeans aren’t overwhelmingly out bred, we will all see us degraded and marginalised in the societies that our people made. So F merkle. I really hope she sits there in a lot of P and realises what she’s don’t to her own people. History will shame you. Just as we do now.

Ben B.
Ben B. 7 months

The Chinese coronavirus can teach us all a lesson... That diversity is NOT a strength

GregInTX 7 months

Setting an example like a _real_ head of state should. She tells people to practice social distancing, and then she herself does it. That’s leadership.

John W
John W 7 months

Yea government leaders in south Korea have heard of things called masks and social distancing.

eclipseNF 7 months

Good news

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