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What could happen if Sanders seeks concessions?

What could happen if Sanders seeks concessions?

The premise is that Sanders has lost the nomination and should therefore seek policy concessions in return for conceding to and endorsing Biden. The writer doesn’t try to predict how Biden may respond. Instead the writer lists several ways that Biden and the DNC could respond, and how each response would play out.

Up 7 months

#WheresJoe Trump is on TV everyday but haven't heard from uncle Joe in awhile. At least Bernout is calling out China and raising money.

GregInTX 7 months

None, since no one can find Biden. The real question is why people would vote for someone who doesn’t show up for a national crisis. The primary is still on, and we can still nominate the public servant who actually talks to the public.

Rational 7 months


Avi Khait
Avi Khait 7 months

To sniff hair only while wearing N-95.

Gordon 7 months

I think he's taking a month long nap just so he has enough energy to stay awake during one debate with Trump.

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