Trump outlines National Guard activations for NY, Calif. and Wash.

Trump outlines National Guard activations for NY, Calif. and Wash.

President Trump said Sunday that the federal government has activated US National Guard units for three of the states hardest hit by the coronavirus -- New York, California and Washington state. Trump said the federal government would fund ’100 percent’ of the Guard units carrying out approved missions in those states. The order will provide additional manpower and resources to the three states.

America 1 months

Use of National Guard should be frowned upon in this situation, we aren't all medics. Unless martial law is declared there is no need.

Joseph 1 months

Title is somewhat misleading. The NG answers to the local state governor/leadership.

Michael Mantion
Michael Mantion 1 months

brave conservatives heading out to save liberals.

Fin 1 months

Usually govoners activate NG... N yes they should be used... They have transportation n person power to help put together outside alternate medical locations... Fast quick n mobile... Some guard are in fact medical Mos..many supply logistics n transportation trained.... If u don't know squat about many many roles guard can play in a national crisis u are about to. Learn they aren't just used as policing augmentation... They all have individual military occupation specialties ur tax dollar paid for.. Use them wisely....

James Villalobos
James Villalobos 1 months

No, don't get the national guard infected! 😭

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