Biden says he will broadcast regular coronavirus briefings

Biden says he will broadcast regular coronavirus briefings

Joe Biden said Sunday he will begin broadcasting regular briefings about the COVID-19 pandemic from his home in Delaware. This comes amid criticism that he’s been absent from the public scene as the health crisis has unfolded. Biden confirmed that his campaign team is installing a ’new high-speed line’ in his home and turning a recreation room into a TV studio so he can broadcast from home.

Frederic Lück
Frederic Lück 1 months

With a record player?

Rational 1 months

Seriously? Who cares from the candidate with no ideas other than nothing will fundamentally change and can't form a coherent sentence.

porcus 1 months

Biden has no legitimate reason to be providing medical advice to the public with regards to the pandemic. Seems like a good way to get sued out of existence.

npc8472 1 months

What updates will he be privvy to that the POTUS isn't? That the rest of the media isn't? Oh...right....nothing.

Bulwark AC
Bulwark AC 1 months

Bernie might need to stay in as Biden is about to Torpedo his campaign.

Daniel McEwen
Daniel McEwen 1 months

Why? It's already be handled in press conferences. Ignore the media. None of them have anything worthwhile to say on the subject. Want some real numbers? Of the 34,485 active cases, 33,690 (98%) have mild symptoms. Don't let the media scare you. Take precautions and do what you're told but stop freaking out about it. It in no way helps anyone.

Ed Murnaghan
Ed Murnaghan 1 months

I'll get the meme presses warmed up!

Scott 1 months

Omg sleepy is going to broadcast COVID-19 info which he has no idea what he's doing or saying or anything else that is beneficial to the United States citizens. This is nothing more than a political party ploy to promote sleepyies role as political embarrassment to mankind.

Blaeingr 1 months

Biden..."we're installing a new high speed line! The kids tell me it's the best string money can buy, some sort of fiber thing... I'm just hoping *where am I?* oh yeah... they clean out the soup cans before we use them..." Biden's voice trails off as he wanders out of the camera frame and mic pickup range🤪😁

Sabrina Has Tacos
Sabrina Has Tacos 1 months

There's gonna be so much meme material from that

Shalyn 1 months

At his last debate with Bernie he called it Ebola. He doesn’t even know from one hour to the next what disease he is even talking about, how the hell is HE going to give ANYONE any relevant information??

Seekster 1 months

Why? Nobody cares what Biden has to say because he doesn't have any government authority (and he probably won't anytime soon).

Christian Fairweather
Christian Fairweather 1 months

The Corona thing

T.N. Morgan
T.N. Morgan 1 months

Um... I'm sorry, but is he still doing stuff for the federal government? Does he have any power or have any say in any policy making decisions? What is he briefing America on? His daily bowel movement?

Doyaun Evans
Doyaun Evans 1 months

Still late to the game Biden. Bernie got ya beat but no one advertising that.

mantico 1 months

It’s elderly abuse to keep pushing a dementia patient out to run for president

bobby_5150 1 months

Straight from sleepy joe, keep a banged up switchblade, rusting in the rain barrel. And when the kung flu comes calling, you pull it out the let him have it.

Lisa 1 months

Trump is good at talking a good game, con men usually are. I distrust Trump and his words are empty. Trump lies...lots of proof of that. Biden is trustworthy and cares about others.

Rational ific
Rational ific 1 months

He's going from his old 14.4 jobs modem to a screaming 56kbps modem. Corn Pop is jealous.

aNiceHuman 1 months

Thanks for the warning.

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