Automakers step up to meet ventilator demand as Trump urges swift action

Automakers step up to meet ventilator demand as Trump urges swift action

US automakers are rushing to meet the anticipated demand for ventilators as the COVID-19 virus spreads in North America. Factories closed due to virus fears may soon reopen to begin manufacturing the life saving equipment. While the effort is already underway, it is unclear how long factory conversion will take. In a Tweet, Trump urged executives to work quickly, saying ’show us how good you are!’

Ryan M
Ryan M
John Wilson
John Wilson 2 weeks

Media's past fake news about Coronavirus and Trump. Watch this video.

yuckycrumpet 2 weeks

My god he just can’t tell the fucking truth.

The Oracle8191
The Oracle8191 2 weeks

That Gizmodo article kicked its own ass when it said the companies were only discussing interest in making ventilators and then, the very next paragraph, linked to a tweet that Elon Musk posted saying Tesla was working on the ventilators. From another article, he said 1,200 were completed already. Then there's this: "But an industry with engineering might and a deep field of parts suppliers could help alleviate the stark shortage of ventilators, respirators and other devices across the U.S. Automakers are scrambling to see if they can orchestrate makeshift manufacturing of ventilators in as early as two weeks...". Not quite the "months" this poster claimed.

Steve Iacobbo
Steve Iacobbo 2 weeks

Seems like the people who criticize like to pick on little things in the phrasings and point out all the reasons why something can't be done. Folks, please step aside and stop bothering those who are actually doing it. The automakers stepped up of their own accord. It's up to them now.

little 2 weeks

Circus act continues.

Paul C
Paul C 2 weeks

Was reading the AP news "fact check" and had a weird deja vu of parts of "Atlas Shrugged." It's been a long time since I read that, but this article sure sounded a lot like the naysayers from that book.

Fin 2 weeks

Everytime he speaks he lies.. N market tanks.just stf up n let Mike talk...

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