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3 GOP Senators will be unable to vote on coronavirus relief

3 GOP Senators will be unable to vote on coronavirus relief

Because the Senate has no provision for remote voting, three senators are expected to miss out as Republicans try to push through a $1.8 trillion coronavirus relief bill this week. The Senators include Rand Paul, Mitt Romney and Mike Lee, all of whom are in self-isolation. Of these, Paul tested positive. Their absence puts additional strain on Republicans to garner the votes to pass the bill.

Stephen 6 months

Why can't they? Have them declare their votes from behind their quarantine. it's not that hard.

Joyce 6 months

Romney is really a Democrat so. The headline should read 2 GOP Senators and 1 Democrat Senator.

AntiBS 6 months

Of course they should! But then, the senate and congress is more often a part of the problem than of the solution.

Joe 6 months

This is only a problem because the Democrats are evil and want to see lots of dead Americans before they vote on a stimulus bill. Dead and suffering Americans is more preferable to appearing to give Trump a win to the evil Democrats who play games with people’s lives.

Mod Okay
Mod Okay 6 months

Haha I guess it wasnt a hoax after all.

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