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Obama team gave incoming Trump team regular training in handling a pandemic.

Obama team gave incoming Trump team regular training in handling a pandemic.

As per Politico, in the days before President Trump’s inauguration, outgoing Obama admin officials trained incoming officials on how to deal with a pandemic. This was confirmed in documents obtained from the training and after Politico reported having spoken with more than a dozen attendees, from the Obama and Trump administration. This practice has become standard for incoming administration.

Ben B.
Ben B. 7 months

More partisan, sensationalist garbage from the left. How do stories like this help public discourse? They don't. This is nothing but a poorly concieved, partisan hit piece, with no actual relevance, and it doesn't belong on Newsvoice.

Michael Mantion
Michael Mantion 7 months

all I see is TDS business insider. why are focused on leftist propaganda. I want news.

AntiBS 7 months

More useless left wing garbage. Instead of trying to help with the crisis they are trying to score cheap points by peddling hearsay.

Scorpio 7 months

Let me guess, the credit for any successes in regards to the Corona virus is going to be claimed by Obama just like the economy

Alex Stovall
Alex Stovall 7 months

🤔🤔🤔a former presidents staff trained the new presidents staff??😱😱😱😱😱 OMG

Rhokanth 7 months

Oh yea, I totally remember all the stuff Obama did during Zika and Swine Flu. /s

Rocky 7 months

God I hope not. Obama was terrible at handling outbreaks. Just look at his numbers from h1n1. 60 million infected, 12k Americans dead all in a 12 month period. His team needs to stay as far away as possible!

Tachyon 7 months

Oh STFU Obama. I'm so stuck of Dems all trying to be relevant during this crisis instead of being helpful.

Up 7 months

Yeah bc Obama did such a good job handling swine flu . 🙄

tenoclock 7 months

What the hell has happened to this app? It use to be so good for getting unbiased news and interacting with people.

JMMA-Z 7 months

Obama's team could barely tie their own shoes. They hardly could have taught Trump's team anything other than how to destroy a democracy.

Don'tbackNV 7 months

Yeah because they handled h1n1 virus so much better. More media lies.. point this out to people and show them how this just proves the media bias and why is the media aligning so much with China against trump.. is it because they're in cahoots?! CNN = CCP.

Cheri Carter
Cheri Carter 7 months

Trump ignored the briefing the Obama administration gave his cabinet and staff on how to handle a pandemic outbreak, plus the number of people Trump has fired because they wouldn't swear allegiance to him. Then you add in those who have left because they could no longer work with Trump. He's not an expert, he has the IQ of a worm, and he only cares about his reelection. That's what a Narcissistic person does. They don't know how to show empathy and feel they are superior to all others. Trump has know since January 15th this pandemic was here and has done virtually nothing to help prepare this Country. He's still sitting on his hands and not listening to his health advisor. He's just into the blame game and accepting no responsibility.

Adam Marceau
Adam Marceau 7 months

If this was true we would all be dead already

VanityCulture_ 7 months

Where are the sources?

Shalyn 7 months

Is he sure which virus he will be briefing us on lol. This is completely inappropriate, right now politics should be taking a back seat , lives are on the line. He should not be adding “his briefing “ on anything. He is not getting all the information that our President and the Vice President have on this subject anything he has to say can only lead to more division and more misinformation to confuse and alarm people. Now is not the time Creepy Uncle Joe , now would be a good time for you to go rest a while.

CJ 7 months

Since when is Business Insider left leaning?

eddy yetty
eddy yetty 7 months

So any one complaining about his initial response can blame obama then?

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