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Susan Collins says Dems ’playing with fire’ in blocking cronavirus relief bill

Susan Collins says Dems ’playing with fire’ in blocking cronavirus relief bill

Sen. Susan Collins (R-Maine) accused Democrats of ’playing with fire’ for blocking a package that is Congress’ 3rd effort to offset economic pains of the coronavirus pandemic. ’I cannot believe that the answer to this crisis... is delay, delay, delay,’ Collins said criticizing Dems over the delay. ’Never have I seen Republicans and Democrats fail to come together when confronted with a crisis.’

porcus 7 months

Democrats have been playing with fire for the past 3+ years. At this point I don't think they know how to stop themselves. [Expand] - lies about Russian Collusion - lies about quid-pro-quo - lies about obstruction of Mueller - lies about subpoenas - lies about the Wuhan Flu And now lies about the relief bill.

Randall 7 months

We had better hurry up and give the wealthy elite their money before it gets wasted on those useless poor people.

Connie 7 months

Will someone please sit AOC down and explain in simple terms what we're facing? This is not the time for partisan politics. Congress muste focus on fighting this pandemic, not on their polpolitical agenda.

eddy yetty
eddy yetty 7 months

Democrats are acting pretty snotty man. Even for them, this is abhorrent. Why any one would look at what they are doing and support them is beyond me.

little 7 months

Susan Collins has Zero credibility. Womp womp.

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