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US may become global epicentre of COVID-19 outbreak, says WHO

US may become global epicentre of COVID-19 outbreak, says WHO

As per the WHO, the US has the potential to become the new global epicentre of the coronavirus pandemic. The country, so far, has recorded 46,168 with 582 deaths. A spokeswoman for WHO said the country could soon see a surge of cases akin to Europe. In a tweet earlier, President Trump admitted his government was experiencing challenges in securing lifesaving medical equipment.

Pryotra 7 months

Considering how China just stopped testing people to claim 0 new infections, I think that they're still the epicenter.

Henrique Elias
Henrique Elias 7 months

WHO is just protecting China and pointing fingers at everyone else. But people are not taking this serious.

IvoryDove 7 months

The Chinese have a huge strategic advantage during a pandemic. They can force citizens to remain off the streets without food or water, shoot them on sight, pick up and cremate the bodies and nobody will hear about it outside China. I'm not saying that they did this intentionally, but it serves their interest. Free nations are more exposed and wouldn't tolerate the methods the Chinese are employing.

neo the one
neo the one 7 months

Well if the WHO said it, it must be true

IvoryDove 7 months

Imagine a Chinese strategist who concluded that a viral pandemic would damage a communist country with much less impact than free nations... And so the virus is let out of its cage in the Wuhan CDC.

Kaitlyn 7 months

The US is several days ahead of Italy’s infection curve.

porcus 7 months

Primo grade FUD.

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