Child abuse cases may be rising with Covid-19 home-confinement

Child abuse cases may be rising with Covid-19 home-confinement

Doctors at Cook Children’s Hospital in Fort Worth, Texas, say stress from the coronavirus pandemic may be linked to the 6 cases of child abuse they saw this week, one resulting in death. ’Some people lost their job or worried about keeping their current job. You’ve got stress from being overcrowded. These stressors can lead to abuse,’ says Jamye Coffman, M.D., Cook Children’s hospital.

Up 3 months

Domestics always go up in winter. Not hard to believe it would happen in a quarentine.

porcus 3 months

I don't think the Wuhan Flu quarantine effort is going to result in increased child abuse problems, only. Any sort of enforced close confinement is going to exacerbate all sorts of human relationship issues. I expect increased numbers of divorces, domestic abuse, etc during this quarantine. MAYBE some increases in pregnancies as well..

No Signal
No Signal 3 months

Still, the title is hilarious! Think of a family of five on lock down with decreased bandwidth....yep!

TheCurrentModality 3 months

Dear journalists, it is not news if includes the word "may", that's called speculation.

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