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Access to experimental coronavirus drug put on hold amid demand surge

Access to experimental coronavirus drug put on hold amid demand surge

Gilead Sciences, which makes remedisivir, said it was putting the drug on hold due to its overwhelming demand. Remdesivir has been touted by Trump as one of the more promising potential treatments of the virus, and has been credited with helping in the recovery of an elderly Italian. The company said it was shifting from a system of individual compassionate-use requests to expanded access programs

Inappropriate Name
Inappropriate Name 5 months

Treat and cure are not the same thing. This drug likely treats the disease by slowing down virus production rate. Slowing that down allows immune response to deal with the virus more effectively.

Avi Khait
Avi Khait 5 months

I heard that they start formal testing instead/in addition to chaotic "compassionate" prescriptions. This doesn't mean "put on hold", MSM.

Michael Mantion
Michael Mantion 5 months

remdesivir is a fine drug but not relevant. chloroquine group drugs are cheap, fast to make and known safe. trump needs to authorize mass production of chloroquine drugs specifically HCQ type drugs. HCP is a wonder drug that prevents malaria, flu, colds. HCQ reduces auto immune flares, helps with heart issues, arthritis... oh and it's amazing at weight loss and prevents type 2 diabetes. 1 simple, cheap, well tolerated generic drug could replace trillions of modern drugs and health services. big pharma, corrupt politicians and businessman all over will do everything to prevent HCQ becoming common. we need wide spread compassionate use of chloroquine group drugs. the results of open studies are just as useful as clinical double blind studies. chloroquine can prevent billions from having severe symptoms and save millions of lives. tell anyone who says "we need controlled tests" to go to hell.

NeverMetTheGuy 5 months

So it sounds like a company isn't approving anymore requests for "compassionate use" (for the most part) for a drug that doesn't treat Coronavirus... They're talking about other viruses we've heard of [SARS and MERS] but never really say if they have anything that cures the Wuhan-CCP-Virus.

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