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School principal, 36, dies of coronavirus complications

School principal, 36, dies of coronavirus complications

A New York City public school principal has died because of complications of the coronavirus. Dezann Romain, 36, worked at Brooklyn Democracy Academy. A union representing New York City’s school supervisors and administrators announced her death. It is unclear if Romain had any underlying health conditions.

RangoX 7 months

How long is it going to take before people realize that obesity is an underlying condition? Not being mean but I saw a BBC article where 4 of 11 family members died and they say “not clear if they had underlying conditions” the banner is a picture of 11 people the lightest of which you’d have to put at 260+

T.N. Morgan
T.N. Morgan 7 months

If that's her in the picture, she definitely has underlying health issues. "Healthy at every size" is a lie.

Fin 7 months

Very sad... Condolences to her family students n fellow staffers

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