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Markets continue bounce back after $2T stimulus package approved

Markets continue bounce back after $2T stimulus package approved

The White House, Senate have struck a deal on a $2 trillion stimulus package to aid the US economy amid the ongoing coronavirus outbreak. Anticipation around the deal has seen global markets surge - Japan’s Nikkei 225 jumped 8.04% while the FTSE was up nearly a percent. The DJIA futures were up more than 300 points, pointing to a continued momentum over Tuesday’s over 11% jump.

Rhokanth 7 months

Very nice. I can't wait until our interest on our debt exceeds our GDP. 2030 should be a fun year.

Mister Manager
Mister Manager 7 months

Hope the dollar can withstand this. People should be more nervous about our currency than the germ.

AD C 7 months

I'm with @The Biggest Bird Here, which bill was modified and approved? The bill Republicans were pushing needed andendums to prevent corporate exploitation (something that can easily be done). While Nancy Pelosi's Phone Book Size proposal (1400+ pages) was trying to be the Green New Deal 2.0 in a time of crisis.

CoLpOeSnED 7 months

It's the final selloff

The Biggest Bird
The Biggest Bird 7 months

Which bill was approved?

John W
John W 7 months

I'm sure it full of pork, but no money for low income workers.

.Tet. 7 months

Three... Times..... Jeez..

dan 7 months

ol, chucky is trying to take credit and not blame here?

Ironic Shitposting
Ironic Shitposting 7 months

If the Fed keeps printing money, at this rate, we might out-inflate Canada!

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