House may not vote remotely on coronavirus bill: Pelosi

House may not vote remotely on coronavirus bill: Pelosi

Nancy Pelosi, the Speaker of the House of Representatives said that the Congress was ’simply unprepared’ to pull off voting remotely on the $2 trillion coronavirus economic stimulus bill. Appearing for an interview with MSNBC, Ms. Pelosi said that there are serious ’constitutional, technological and security concerns’ about it.

John Wilson
John Wilson 5 days

These are public votes right? Why can't the Congresspeople just vote on camera. Obviously if the vote of a particular congressmember is wrong, they can see it immediately. They can call in and say that's not my vote. It's either yes or no. Use zoom or something. Put a webcam in each congress members office. How is every other company gets thier work done online, but Congress can't.

Bob Stephens
Bob Stephens 5 days

The security aspect should not be all that tough if they actually want to do it. There are not so many of them that having independent parties confirm the vote would be a serious challenge. The legal issues Could be another matter.

Christian Fairweather
Christian Fairweather 5 days

Oh now she's worried about constitutional and security concerns, but letting illegals cute isn't a concern, when it suits them huh

John Wilson
John Wilson 5 days

The establishment Democrats in Congress are mostly over 60, my guess is this voting issue may eventually take care of itself. None wear masks and they Iove shaking hands. Darwin awards.

Mandy H
Mandy H 5 days

Isn't it a yes or no type thing? They could just all text me their vote and I'll keep track in a color coded spreadsheet

.Tet. 5 days

Just remember this: Three fricking times so far. Three fricking times. What is wrong with people these days?! I'm not a massive fan of a temp stimulus to begin with, but I get it. I just think bickering makes it insufferable.

Juanita 5 days

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King Brutal
King Brutal 5 days

Amazing that you could produce 1400 pages for being so unprepared.

Joseph Cribari
Joseph Cribari 5 days


Tyler Fulcher
Tyler Fulcher 5 days

Now they care about voter fraud, so typical

NotACerealKiller 4 days

They are actively trying to not get elected at this point. Who's bright idea was this, and why has a huge organisation (DNC) allowed this to happen? This is public suicide...

daddymoon666 5 days

Profits over life... Go Dumberica...!!!...

Brandon Spears
Brandon Spears 5 days

The articles are a bit misleading but this is about voting through an app or some technology used to vote in case Congress cant vote like the 3 Congress members who got the coronavirus and some decided to self quarantine. The argument is that technology is faulty and sometimes can be glitchy or be hacked and worst case scenario it could end up like Iowa caucus where that whole app thing screwed everything up. That, and there would need to be changes to the rules as far as being required to show up in person in Washington to vote

The Civic Nationalist
The Civic Nationalist 4 days

She's just playing politics at the expense of the safety of her colleagues. Chances of her getting it, low, chances of someone there getting it, high, so the math works out on cost benefit analysis to her agenda of orange man bad, no relief for you without wasism bad funds, and mandated eco equity tyranny.

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