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Biden cancels Trump’s planned ’Garden of American Heroes’

Biden cancels Trump’s planned ’Garden of American Heroes’

President Biden on Friday reversed a series of executive actions issued by former President Trump, including his plans for a ’National Garden of American Heroes’ and an order for federal law enforcement to prosecute people who damage monuments. Trump himself curated the list of who was to be included in the planned park. However, no site was selected and the garden was never funded by Congress.

Slevin Kelevra
Slevin Kelevra 0 months

Trump's EO had nothing to do with Trump but all about historical preservation.......but ORANGE MAN DID IT, AND ORANGE MAN BAD!

FirstCensorshipThenJail 0 months

Beijing Biden hates America and the American citizen that is why he was so eager to becomes Xi Jing Ping's Manchuria Candidate. $4.5 billion is what the CCP promised Beijing Biden.

Robert_Clearwater 0 months

Canceling the statues is very petty. I can't think of a reason other than orange man bad. Trump is the glue holding this country together right now. For the most part we're either united in our hatred against him or united in our devotion for him.

Eric 0 months

Next week biden will probably announce a garden of foreign heroes and want a monument. This president has not shown any patriotic or american interest since he took office. And where is kamala? Is she handling the border crisis? Not one pro american policy, unless you call spending trillions pro american.

Eddie 0 months

Same guy who pushed pulling troops out of Afghanistan until September 11th for some kind of sick symbolism if it happens at all.

E N..
E N.. 0 months

Less a cancelling of executive orders and more an erasing of executive doodles.

Mel 0 months

Biden is a spiteful old butt head can't string a sentence together ffs he should never be allowed to run a country I'm not American but even I can see the USA has never been in such a mess in recent years there has to be a way to give him the sack and to do it fast

Tina 0 months

Biden is a POS. I think he has more important things to focus on! Unreal! Get this puppet out of office!!

A user you may know
A user you may know 0 months

Why does Biden hate America so much? America is the reason he has the biggest mansion in his state and has been able to do nothing for half a century off the taxes of hard working Americans.

seamiki 0 months

I'm pretty sure that if Biden funded the project all the trump supporters would be (rightfully) crying about irresponsible spending and inflation. Luckily the President is not braindead as Trump and cancelled the "glorious" project. We have monuments and memorials celebrating the fallen. "Disney world of the fallen hero" would be a shameless disgrace.

Thomas 0 months

Good. Because when has prioritizing statues over human rights ever been morally correct? Conservatives seem obsessed with a bunch of old dead racists while at the same time not wanting their kids to learn for themselves in school that white people are inherently racist. I think it’s clear to anyone with more than 1/2 an IQ point what today’s Republican Party really stands for. (And stop calling yourself Lincoln’s party and pick up a text book so you can learn that YOU, my lesser pigmented co-inhabitants, are in fact the ones on the wrong side of history) P.S. You guys a pretty slow and it shows

Brendan 0 months

Great work Biden! You’re successfully destroying this country... In the First 115 days of your 1,461 day term, you’ve reversed pretty much all the positive progress we’ve made. skyrocketed gas prices , Funded Foreign Agencies while at the same time defunding our Police , and dividing this country more than its ever been. Only 1,346 days to go people! Can’t wait to see what awesome thing he does next!

Neil 0 months

I think one on the most cringey things I ever had to watch that man-child do was deliver congressional medals of honor.... You can taste the irreverence and total lack of respect for our country. You can feel the awkwardness in the soldier being awarded such a noble honor by such an anti American who has never fought for anything or earned an honest dollar in his life.

Clayton 0 months

How very anti-American of Biden. What a slap in the face for Americans. Go ahead president puppet, continue entertaining the anti-American sentiments of the socialist party attempting to take over the USA and abolish its freedoms. Let them keep pulling your strings because in the end, when they don’t need you anymore, they will declare you incompetent, enact the 25th amendment, and remove you from office. I’m pretty sure Biden will not be president for all four years. Karmala is going to finish it for him. The socialists are just letting Biden do most of the dirty work. He is becoming one of the worst US presidents.

Blue 0 months

Biden is saying heroes should not be memorialized and radical left wing mobs (aka the new brownshirts) pulling down statues is consequence free. What could possibly go wrong?

Aleks 0 months

Ah ah my goodness what a ridiculous statement, Trump the glue holding America together if you really think that you must be a weak person without a staff to support you

Neil 0 months

"orange man bad". What the right says that the left says about trump whenever he does something dumb. Which is always. There are actual reasons to despise him besides being physically repulsive, but skin deep is the furthest you people think.. Guess that's why you slaughter non whites for their skin color

LetterJotter 0 months

Unbelievable that ANYONE would think that Trump had any positive effect on our country - other than revealing the truth about how many mindless, fools (lacking critical thinking skills) serve as push buttons for fake news like FOX, OAN, and NEWSMAX. ‘The Garden’ was NEVER going to happen. Congress was NOT going to fund it. It was hanging out there as a dead proposal. Biden just cut the strings. Stop being brainwashed. Get real. Get a life.

Alex 0 months

Great!! It was going to a racist white supremacist graden. We don’t need that garbage.

Jeff 0 months

Well to his credit, he probably knows in 20 years people like MLK will also be cancelled for not passing the liberal utopian purity test, preempting hero erasure I suppose

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