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Waffle House closing restaurants amid coronavirus pandemic

Waffle House closing restaurants amid coronavirus pandemic

Waffle House has closed hundreds of restaurants amid the COVID-19 spread around the US. The diner chain has been known for staying open even in the wake of hurricanes and tornadoes. While 1,627 of its restaurants remain open, fans say the closures demonstrate just how serious the crisis is.

tj shields
tj shields 5 months

Oh you know the shit has hit the fan if waffle House is closed!

Don'tbackNV 5 months

I don't understand what makes waffle house different from any other restaurant.

Daniel 5 months

That’s when you know things are bad. Places normally open late night and 24/7 are closed early. It disincentivises people from going out anywhere.

Nomad 5 months

COVID-19 isn’t even the worst thing you have to worry snot contracting at Waffle House

Frederick 5 months

Oh shit, this is the real deal.

atlas shrugged
atlas shrugged 5 months

I am stockpiling my home supplies to make scattered, smothered, covered, chunked, and topped! (Especially Kraft cheese slices.)

Unity.Nat 5 months


Ya Boi PI
Ya Boi PI 5 months

Man, not even considering the backup menu. If they are going straight to closed, we are truly screwed.

Fin 5 months


One Watchable
One Watchable 5 months

What do you mean "even"? Why would that be an exception?

NeverMetTheGuy 5 months

Waffle House is closing during this?! They haven't closed in about seventh years! Clearly it's the end of days.

Conundrumb 5 months

In other news, "Fights break out OUTSIDE of Waffle House restaurants around the country".

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