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Joe Biden does not want to have debates with Bernie Sanders

Joe Biden does not want to have debates with Bernie Sanders

Democrat presidential candidate Joe Biden does not wish to have another debate with his rival Bernie Sanders. He informed reporters that they have had enough of them and should go on with this. However, Sanders is still willing to have a debate with Biden. He claims he would attend if there is one in April, according to his spokesman Mike Casca.

Ben Song
Ben Song
O'Brien 5 months

Biden’s quoting his doctor here.

Rhokanth 5 months

Biden is sooooo screwed against Trump. If Trump can fluster intelligent, sentient people in debates, I feel really bad for Joe. Imagine an hour of Trump yelling 'wrong, wrong, CHINA' to Joe. He'll prob have a stroke.

Tyler 5 months

It is obvious to me that the reason Joe Biden doesn't want to debate is because he is, in my honest observational opinion, most likely suffering from Alzheimer's. Go back and watch any of his interviews during the past week long time period. If this is the case, it is dishonest and irresponsible for the people staffing his campaign to keep pushing him to run for president. He is quite obviously in some form of mental distress. Oftentimes it appears it not only seems he doesn't know where he is, he also doesn't seem to know when he is. I have and will continue to support Bernie Sanders, but please understand this observational opinion is not biased by this statement. I only say this because I have experience in dealing with people who have Alzheimer's, and other mental deficiencies, and it would be incredibly disingenuous of others with similar knowledge and experience not to agree.

Sirax 5 months

Biden declares self winner, now requesting title of king

Jack 5 months

Foreshadows further conformance to Biden’s effortless ascension to an immediate failure perhaps? A loser can’t just say he’s a loser..

ken taro
ken taro 5 months

Living in a state with delayed elections, I'd like another debate.

TheCurrentModality 5 months

Biden, "Me talky to much might lose track of ... errr .... ummm ... Thuraday ... Cornpop ... Legs

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