Elizabeth 2 months

We, as citizens and resident aliens, have ALLOWED large corporations to run this country. Tax breaks, paying no taxes federal, state, or local taxes. Lobbiest's paying big bucks for legislation that suits them. By not demanding that minimum wage rises with cost of living. Dismantling public education and not paying the teaching profession what they are worth andore. In other words...greed, pure, simple greed has brought us to this point. A good example is Walmart. Minimum wage jobs, part-time is normal, not offering health insurance, etc. and yet, many of their employees must supplememt their income with welfare ( that are paid for by our taxes) while the owners of Walmart earn BILIONS. During the crisis we are having now, I don't see any of the Walton family members working on the registers, it's the low paid workers that are running this country and of they get sick I doubt the Walton's will be caring for them. We, the people,...has been replaced by, We, the wealthy,...and GREED has become the driving force that is destroying this country.

Fin 2 months

Not far enuff n never far enuff for restaurants specially family owned ones

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