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LA to stop water, power for nonessential businesses refusing to close

LA to stop water, power for nonessential businesses refusing to close

LA authorities could shut down water and power to nonessential businesses that refuse to close amid the shelter-at-home order imposed in the county. Mayor Eric Garcetti said city workers and volunteers, dubbed ’business ambassadors,’ will be sent to check on defiant businesses and urge them to close down voluntarily. If they don’t, the workers will report the situation to prosecutors and police.

Seekster 5 months

If a business is paying its water and power Bill's then the government should not have the right to cut off water or power services.

John W
John W 5 months

Yet you can literally poop on the sidewalk in front of city hall. Strange priorities.

BoboRama 5 months

See how much we aren't a tyranny? We're so enlightened that fuck your utilities if you don't do exactly what we say.

Spontaneous Order
Spontaneous Order 5 months

Hardly anyone connects government abuse with their consent (voting.) Stop consenting to it.

porcus 5 months

And this is the reason why government should be powerless over us. Utterly ridiculous.

T.N. Morgan
T.N. Morgan 5 months

It's like in the UK, where the government runs your healthcare and decides when to pull your life support. Your family doesn't get a say. The government will consult with the doctor and make the determination themselves.

Interdimensional alien
Interdimensional alien 5 months

Californians: Orange man is fascist. California: implements authoritarian measures...Californians, this is wonderful

Up 5 months

Authoritarians gonna authority.

IvoryDove 5 months

Democrat politicians are vicious totalitarian dictators at heart.

ConcealCarryProtect 5 months

Haha... Totalitarian much?

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