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Trump looking to open US economy by Easter

Trump looking to open US economy by Easter

Donald Trump, the President of the United States wants to re-open the economy of the United States by mid-April. The President, during a live townhall that was broadcast on Fox News Channel, said that he was looking at businesses opening their doors again by around Easter, which falls on the 12th of April.

ken taro
ken taro 5 months

What did I miss? We'll be recieving some financial assistance to aid us through April, but the death/infection rates are still rising. Is a month of suggested social distancing really forecasted to work so miraculously, as to let life return as it was?

Edward Williams
Edward Williams 5 months

Please no. That will only make things worse.

Chad 5 months

He's only looking at his re-election chances, his base tend to be religious and non-critical thinkers, so why not release lockdown on Easter, a favorite holiday of his apparently, he said it would be beautiful to see the churches packed. Such a beautiful thing that will infect whole churches, especially those elderly couples attending, such a great idea, I was going to donate a few revolvers so the congregation could play russion roulette, but this seems more fun. Then youll have the religious folks who go, well if God wanted me sick, who am I to question his will. you, you have the will power to fucking question everything around you, not the god that you believe in so there's an afterlife, so you don't fear death as the end of your days or the passing of your friends though the decades, the religion that was taught to you to instill morals as a kid, that leads you down the path of not thinking critically, specifically about the god that states you must be faithful to him or risk purgatory. Don't question, have faith, be sheep in God's flock. Easter, a holiday Christians chose to coincide with the holidays of the people they were converting from their prior beliefs so it didn't seem as heavy handed, what joy, what sense, the original holiday of Aphrodite, Venus,Freya and Ishtar. what's that the Greek, Roman and Norse interpretations of God's from their respective pantheons is on that list. It's almost as if it's easier to convert old holidays so that you don't shove your new religion down peoples throats with your own new holidays. Converting the holidays let people live their lives without no real need to change, it's the gradual shift that is barely perceived, yet passed down in generations as the new normal. Anyways reopening the country on Easter, braindead idea.

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